Crescent Regional Hospital Partners with Holoconnects to Introduce Life-Size Holographic Technology for Patient Care

May 29, 2024
Doctors can now teleport as a life-size 3D hologram to connect with patients in real-time, shortening wait times and increasing access to specialist care.

Crescent Regional Hospital in Texas and Holoconnects have partnered to make the hospital the first in the U.S. to “utilize life-size, highly advanced holographic technology for patient care.” EIN has the news.

Doctors will be able to teleport “as a life-size 3D hologram and connect with patients in real-time” with this technology. The hospital has already installed its “first full-size 86” Holoconnects’ Holobox hologram display and video studio,” and plans to install “24” Holobox Mini displays at several locations throughout the hospital and associated clinics.” Patients are now able to “schedule a non-touch visit with their doctor or any range of medical specialists from the Dallas area or anywhere in the world.”

Raji Kumar, CEO and Managing Partner of Crescent Regional Hospital, touts this new technology as a way to “shorten patient wait times, increase access to specialist care, and improve patient care across multiple disciplines.”

Use cases for Holoconnects’ life-size hologram technology at the hospital include virtual consultations for pre- and post-surgery, telemedicine rounds, physician / specialist consultations pre- and post-surgery, collaborative care planning, and patient education.

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