Wireless panic button available for healthcare workers

March 6, 2019

Workplace violence is on the rise, including the healthcare environment, prompting Symtech Solutions to develop wireless panic button technology as a way for healthcare providers to help prevent and respond quickly to attacks.

The wireless panic button system, Securalert, is a stand-alone device that allows victims to notify staff and security of the precise location where an emergency incident is taking place. It works by combining ultrasonic with radio frequency technology to accurately pinpoint the location of such events with “guaranteed accuracy every time,” stated Symtech Solutions.

Once a call for help is activated, the location of the victim’s pendant is automatically tracked to ensure that responders have access to the most up-to-date location. This information is then logged via Securalert’s built-in reporting system and provides managers with a complete and accurate audit trail of every alarm and event that has taken place within their facility. Additionally, the Securalert system allows instant emergency notifications to be sent out via text message & email or via external devices such as strobe lights, public address & intercom.

The Securalert wireless panic button features include:

  • Discreet portable personal and fixed mounted panic buttons which vibrate with positive acknowledgment feedback to assure the victim that a call for help was received by the system.
  • Each pendant comes with a test button to assure the pendant is operating properly.
  • Fixed mounted universal transmitters capable of sending notifications for an unlimited type of alarms (i.e., door open, temperature, motion sensing, camera activation and more).
  • Utilizes a standalone wireless system that runs on an independent network so there is no need for the IT department involvement.
  • Fast, easy and cost-efficient system installation due to utilizing wireless battery powered components. No cabling required.
  • Alarms can be annunciated by several options: system monitoring console, cell phones, portable radios, digital display panels, pagers or computer with audible tones.

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