UV-free antimicrobial LED lights proven to kill non-enveloped and enveloped viruses

May 14, 2021

Vyv reported independent test results have confirmed efficacy of its antimicrobial light technology (405nm) for killing viruses.

Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of Vyv’s visible light against bacteria, mold, fungi, and yeast. This recent study has confirmed, through an independent third-party lab, Vyv’s antimicrobial LED products are also effective against non-enveloped viruses, which are the most difficult class of virus to kill.

“The implications of this are vast because unlike harmful UV-C light, Vyv’s patented technology can be used continuously and without restriction 24/7 around people, animals and plants,” said Vyv CEO and co-founder Colleen Costello. “With our overhead LED products, Vyv is already lighting offices, schools and school buses, athletic centers, factories and hospitals. We’re also embedding the same technology in many challenging spaces, including behind elevator buttons, inside consumer products such as humidifiers and bathroom fans, and in airplanes, trains and public buses.”

Additionally, a recent third-party study also demonstrated efficacy results using ranges of light in the 400-420nm range on inactivating enveloped viruses. Vyv has joined forces and expanded development projects with Middleby Corporation, Citi, NJ Transit, Delta Air Lines, Broan-NuTone, Dorel Juvenile and Brilli, among other brands.

Most recently, Vyv announced a partnership with the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), which is working to advance new approaches to infection control and prevention by dosing interior environments continuously with antimicrobial light to stop and kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and other organisms. Having closed its Series A funding round at the end of 2020, while settling into new headquarters as a newly branded company (previously Vital Vio), Vyv continues the expansion of its microbiology, product development and engineering teams. Vyv has established a national distribution network of lighting agents across the U.S. and has established relationships with lighting manufacturers, such as Amerlux, Code 3 (ambulance & EMS vehicle lighting), PMC Lighting, and Orion Energy Systems.

Vyv holds patents for the world’s first single white light antimicrobial diode. This has driven new and exciting applications for applying Vyv’s violet and white antimicrobial lights to address the most challenging spaces and places. In all, Vyv holds 21 patents with 29 patents pending.

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