ASP announces protocol for reprocessing of N95 masks

April 1, 2020

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) announced the company has qualified a new reprocessing protocol that can extend the lifespan of single-use N95 masks (respirators) utilizing STERRAD Systems already available in most US hospitals and globally.

The protocol for reprocessing select N95 masks can triple the lifespan of the mask using the STERRAD Sterilizers already in healthcare facilities offering the ability to reprocess up to 480 masks per STERRAD Sterilizer machine daily, to help healthcare professionals combat the spread of coronavirus.

All ASP sterilization systems and disinfectant solutions have been tested against enveloped viruses, the family of viruses that includes coronavirus, and have been demonstrated to be efficacious against those viruses. ASP’s new qualified protocol uses technology already in place in most hospitals to now reprocess certain N95 masks

“We are a company dedicated to keeping people safe, so we are proud to bring forth this new protocol to help extend the functionality of mission-essential N95 masks at this critical time,” said Dominic Ivankovich, President of ASP. “We are committed to provide support to the medical community and continue to work closely with them to implement this new protocol to help keep our HCP heroes safer as they remain at the front-lines in the battle against COVID-19.”

ASP has the announcement.

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