Press Ganey Releases Results of Vast Patient Experience Survey

July 8, 2024
Among the findings are that there are still gaps in care for underrepresented populations, but PX scores are widely on the mend in most areas.

Press Ganey has released a list of takeaways from their patient experience (PX) survey in hopes of guiding medical professionals toward improvement.

Their report, “based on data from 6.5 million patient encounters across the U.S.,” shows that PX scores are “on the mend” and “even reaching five-year highs in certain settings.” According to the report, “PX surged in 2023, with ambulatory surgery and medical practices hitting five-year highs. While hospitals and emergency departments are improving, they haven't yet fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels.”

Underrepresented populations are also reporting “lower scores in empathy, care personalization, and addressing concerns.” In addition, younger patients are reporting lower perceptions of experience.

The report also concludes that “specialties with planned admissions, like cardiac surgery (79.3) and obstetrics (76.7), score highest in patient loyalty, while scores for unplanned admissions typically rank toward the bottom. Smooth and seamless communication throughout the care journey is crucial for a positive patient experience.”

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