HealthSnap and UnityPoint Health Announce Expansion of Virtual Care Management Partnership

Jan. 12, 2024
Over 400 healthcare providers in the Midwest have seen improved outcomes among those enrolled in HealthSnap’s services

HealthSnap, a virtual care management platform, and UnityPoint Health, the United States’ fifth largest non-denominational health system, announced on Jan. 11 that their partnership will be expanding beyond the nearly 8 million patient visits per year they have already assisted.

Thus far, the partnership has been delivered to over 25,000 UnityPoint Health patients across Iowa and Illinois. HealthSnap’s programs offer services that keep patients “connected to their care teams between visits and enable care teams to proactively manage chronic conditions such as uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure, type II diabetes, and obesity.”

Patients with chronic conditions are the focus of this expansion, as HealthSnap hopes to offer its services to help those patients manage their conditions. In the places that UnityPoint Health has rolled out HealthSnap’s services, they have seen improvements in outcomes among those with Stage 2 Hypertension and poor glucose control, specifically.

A total of 409 healthcare providers across 94 UnityPoint Health clinics in internal medicine and family medicine practice areas were offering HealthSnap’s remote patient management (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) programs to their patients living with chronic conditions as of year-end 2023. Early results show a “50% reduction in patients with uncontrolled Stage 2 Hypertension from baseline,” along with drops in blood pressure of 9.2 mmHg/5.1 mmHg among hypertensive patients, with improvements of 14.7 mmHg/7.3mmHg in systolic and diastolic pressure respectively from those with Stage 2 Hypertension. Additionally, patients saw an 18.6 mg/dl reduction in their fasting blood glucose levels after enrollment in HealthSnap’s RPM and CCM programs.

PR Newswire has the news release.

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