White House Launches U.S. Global Health Security Strategy

April 17, 2024
The strategy aims to strengthen health security through collaborative partnerships to enhance pandemic preparedness and response.

On April 16, the White House launched the U.S. Global Health Security Strategy (GHSS) to protect the health, lives, and economic well-being of the American people and people throughout the world.

A statement from the White House says that “The United States will also continue to deliver on the commitment to transform financing for global health security.  The COVID-19 response highlighted limitations in the GHS financing ecosystem.  In a health emergency, countries need to be able to quickly access financing to fortify their health systems, procure medical countermeasures, and launch an effective response.”

Further, “The United States is the world’s leading investor in health security, and it is a top priority of the United States to collaborate with countries, regional and multilateral partners, including public and private sector organizations, to identify and strengthen solutions to enhance access to financing for pandemic preparedness and response.  To overcome the cycle of crisis and complacency in investing in health security capacity, the United States led the way to establish the historic Pandemic Fund in 2022, and we are dedicated to working with all partners to ensure the Fund excels in its mission to support countries most in need.  Simultaneously, the United States continues to support efforts to transform international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, and to clarify and strengthen the pandemic preparedness and response efforts of multilateral development banks and development financing institutions to better address crises, including pandemics.”

The 2024 U.S. Global Health Security Strategy sets out three goals to guide the United States’ affirmative agenda to advance global health security:

  • Strengthen Global Health Security Capacities through Bilateral Partnerships
  • Catalyze Political Commitment, Financing, and Leadership to Achieve Health Security
  • Increase Linkages Between Health Security and Complementary Programs to Maximize Impact
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