Teamwork touted by Fairview Supply Chain

June 26, 2017
The award-winning Supply Chain team at Fairview Health Services, Minneapolis, takes teamwork seriously enough that it issues Supply Chain Sound Bites to promote who they are, what they do and why they matter.

Sound Bites represents the title of their department emails that complements the quarterly “Supply Chain News.” In 2016, the publication showcased staff projects and offered tips to promote teamwork.

“Being able to recognize employees for individual and team accomplishments via our quarterly Supply Chain newsletter is a highlight of my job as newsletter editor,” said Margaret Knowles, Senior Administrative Assistant. “The Kudos and the Employee Introduction sections are favorites among our teammates. All new employees are asked to share a little about their work history, something on their bucket list and a fun fact. Among our claims to fame are one of us had a grandfather who was a professional boxer and the only man to ever box 15 rounds with Jack Dempsey. Another was a competitive figure skater for seven years and went to the Junior Olympics for pairs skating when she was 11 years old. We also have four employees named Tenzin!”

Site supervisors also participated in the teamwork campaign, according to Jessica Freitag, System Director, Supply Chain. “They scheduled huddles with time spent on recognition, created Kudos Boards showing inner department and cross department recognition, hosted department potlucks, promoted Employee Spotlights, led the setting of goals with shared responsibility, conducted Gemba walks including different staff members, and highlighted department and people facts through trivia sessions,” Freitag stated.

Download the PDF for samples: Newsletter&Soundbites

Matt Smith and Celia Tudor during Summer Grilling Wednesday on the dock at Supply Chain’s Corporate location
Breana McIntire, Celia Tudor, Matt Smith and Sharon Haugen on Summer Grilling Wednesday
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