November 2020 Product Picks

Oct. 27, 2020

Clinician protective gloves

The Biogel PI UltraTouch S surgical glove by Mölnlycke provides surgeons and their teams with dermatologically appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that is vital to a safe, effective, and efficient operating room. Frequent handwashing and exposure to chemicals all contribute to occupational contact dermatitis. The glove is made without the chemical accelerators known to cause allergic contact dermatitis. It has received FDA 510k clearance for reduced potential for sensitizing users to chemical additives, the first sterile surgical glove to be awarded this claim.

Molnlycke Healthcare

Electrosurgery cable testing

The Cable Continuity Tester from Healthmark Industries works to test the quality of monopolar and bipolar cords for safety in care. The tester is user-friendly and portable and comes with a 9V battery and a carrying case. For a test, the “ON” switch to bipolar or monopolar should be positioned. If the green light remains illuminated, then the cable passed testing. If the light flickers or doesn’t illuminate, this indicates the cable failed testing.

Healthmark Industries

IFU and manual database

The enhanced database by oneSOURCE offers faster and more accessible search functionality of instructions for use (IFU), preventative maintenance manual and other documents. Users will have access to a single search bar, streamlined card views for entries, spelling forgiveness, and autocomplete suggestions. Site improvements support search scores/rankings, filters, speed, security, and performance. Updates and features are integrated into the platform’s traditional functions.


Surgical image display

The LMD-X3200MD from Sony is a 4K UHD 32-inch medical monitor that displays high-quality images in hospital operating rooms, surgical centers and clinics. The monitor offers flexible installation, versatile connectivity, and advanced features including wide color gamut, HDR support, and a variety of display modes. Compact and ergonomic in design, it can be neatly organized and it can be easily cleaned and disinfected. It provides upscaling of HD/SD images, increased optical performance in bright and dark environments, and simple remote control via a stereo mini jack.