Cardinal Health launches TotalVue Analytics logistics management tool

Jan. 11, 2021

OptiFreight Logistics, a Cardinal Health company, reported the launch of TotalVue Analytics — a tool for healthcare supply chain leaders to utilize predictive technology and data to identify logistics savings and benchmarking.

Leveraging the scale of Cardinal Health, TotalVue Analytics provides health systems with visibility into shipping trends to identify opportunities to reduce freight costs, including inbound shipments from suppliers or outbound shipments from sites of care. OptiFreight Logistics utilizes machine learning for its benchmarking capability, which is driven by proprietary access to data and insights.

"No two hospital systems are exactly alike, so we use the power of machine learning to find the best peers in the industry for comparison," said Marc Long, director of Business Intelligence at OptiFreight Logistics. "This ensures benchmarks are as accurate as possible and enables more informed, effective logistics management decisions."

With TotalVue Analytics, users can monitor comprehensive performance of a logistics management program, including how small changes in shipping decisions can create continued savings. For example, TotalVue Analytics can identify cost savings opportunities such as a supplier that is shipping too many packages overnight, or a location that is not using the program to get shipping discounts.

Cardinal Health has the release.

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