The ABCs on NFC as alternative to bar coding, RFID

Aug. 24, 2022
  • Accessible by multiple service providers with convenient access on any mobile device
  • Web-based and bi-directional so no integration is required with multiple IT systems in multi-facility healthcare systems
  • Able to receive data in real-time
  • Lower in cost compared to RFID readers and tags
  • User-friendly with streamlined workflows (no need to move camera for line-of-sight recording)
  • Independent of geolocation needs as NFC UID wall tags define location
  1. Select WiFi-enabled/cloud-based solutions that can also be integrated with other facility software solutions via API.
  2. Choose technologies (hardware, software) that makes the recording of curtain exchanges integral to the EVS processing of patient rooms and one that the staff will use because they see the value.
  3. Take a holistic look to see how technologies can “plug and play” together. How can they work for all departments?
  4. Transparency and accountability through data – You must be able to see a process in real-time to manage or improve the process.
  5. The technology of choice must move people from pencil and paper to proven technology to document real-time curtain exchanges for the record.