HRS moves to Premier Inc. for contract portfolio and spend management services

Dec. 29, 2020

Health Resource Services (HRS) announced that they will partner with Premier Inc.

As a new group purchasing affiliate of Premier, HRS will have access to a broader array of product and purchased services contracts, field services support, and superior, data-driven spend management technologies for financial excellence.

Specifically, Premier experts will collaborate with HRS to develop comprehensive supply chain and total cost management solutions; negotiate competitive contracts; and keep HRS members that join Premier apprised of industry trends, ideas and knowledge.

The shared strength of these two combined networks will provide HRS members that participate with Premier greater access to resources, efficiency solutions and increased savings, including access to nearly 600 additional negotiated contracts in 70 different classes of trade, as well as new purchased services offerings and comprehensive savings for alternate site providers that are expected to yield double-digit savings for HRS.

Premier Inc. has the release.