ECRI and oneSOURCE to collaborate to improve medical device alerts management

Feb. 24, 2021

ECRI and oneSOURCE Document Management Services announced a joint collaboration focused on improving medical device safety and responsiveness of healthcare facilities, announced ECRI in a press release.

This new collaboration creates a link between ECRI’s medical device alerts and recall system and oneSOURCE’s Instructions for Use (IFU) and service manual database, helping healthcare providers ensure regulatory compliance and the ongoing safety of patients and their clinical staff. It integrates ECRI’s Alerts Workflow Solution and the oneSOURCE Document Management System to facilitate safer and more efficient recall and healthcare technology risk management. ECRI’s Alerts Workflow automatically notifies appropriate healthcare staff of safety-related risks and recommended actions associated with medical devices, pharmaceuticals, blood and food.  

“Prompt and efficient handling of medical device notifications can mean the difference between life and death, especially in today’s pandemic-paced healthcare environment,” says ECRI’s vice president Michael Argentieri. “With oneSOURCE, we are speeding vital information directly to the appropriate hospital and ambulatory care facility staff who are charged with ensuring the safe use of medical products.”

With the new integration, healthcare workers accessing an ECRI Alert will be able to directly link into their oneSOURCE account to access relevant IFUs and/or service manuals. Similarly, those accessing oneSOURCE documents for a particular medical device will be able to link into the ECRI system to search for any related recalls and active critical hazard alerts. Access to both the ECRI and oneSOURCE platforms is required and available for purchase separately.

“By connecting ECRI’s alerts with oneSOURCE’s database, we are removing the barriers that hospital and ambulatory surgery center staff have had in managing multiple systems,” says Heather Thomas, CMO and executive vice president of sales and marketing, oneSOURCE. “Faster response time ultimately leads to better patient care.”

COVID-19 has increased the need to have ready access to the latest infection prevention information based on the most recent hazard and recall reports. ECRI and oneSOURCE are working together to ensure that hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers have 24/7 access to the latest documentation and best practices for the proper sterilization and cleaning of medical equipment, including current IFUs, service manuals, recalls, and hazard reports.

ECRI has the release.     

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