WHO Launches Biomanufacturing Workforce Training Initiative

Feb. 19, 2024
The initiative aims to enhance bioproduction capabilities through training programs

According to a news article published on Feb. 15, WHO is launching the WHO Biomanufacturing Workforce Training Initiative. “The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, particularly impacting low- and middle-income countries' (LMIC) access to essential medical products,” states the article. “The concentration of global manufacturing capacity in a few countries and regions exacerbated this disparity, highlighting the urgent need for equitable solutions.”

Further, “Biological products, such as vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies, offer significant promise in combating global health challenges. However, the limited biomanufacturing capacity in LMICs and a shortage of a qualified workforce impede their production locally for national and regional health needs.”

The new initiative is coordinated by the Local Production and Assistance (LPA) Unit, on behalf of the Access to Medicines and Health Products (MHP) Division at WHO, in close collaboration with the WHO Academy and WHO Science Division. 

The WHO Biomanufacturing Workforce Training Initiative aims to enhance bioproduction capabilities in LMICs by providing accessible and tailored training programs, aligned with WHO and international standards, and adapted to the evolving needs of the bioproduction sector. 

WHO has the full news article.