Intermountain Health's Supply Chain Warehouse Expands by 40,000 Sq Ft

June 25, 2024
Intermountain Health's warehouse expansion in Utah is set to save over $12 million annually and enhance emergency preparedness.

On June 24, Intermountain Health’s Supply Chain Organization announced a 40,000 square foot expansion at its warehouse in Midvale, Utah. The expansion allows for 30% more bulk space storage for supplies aiding in the organization’s efforts for cost savings and emergency preparedness.

A press release on the expansion says that “The upgrade allows for supplies currently being stored in rented spaces to be consolidated under one roof at the Intermountain supply chain warehouse. This step alone will save more than $12 million annually. Extra savings also comes from avoiding thousands of unnecessary trucking miles to ship supplies back and forth from other warehouses.”

Further, “The new space also allows for an expansion of the pharmacy fulfillment center, which already operates at the supply chain warehouse and fills nearly a million prescriptions annually. This makes room for new storage machines and upgraded automated systems to fill orders for patients.”

The Intermountain warehouse handles daily deliveries of supplies and other logistics to hospitals and clinics in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada.

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