FDA's Efforts Result in Cisplatin Supply Exceeding Demand

July 1, 2024
The FDA's proactive measures have successfully resolved the shortage of cisplatin, providing hope for cancer patients in need of this crucial drug.

On June 27, the FDA determined the national supply of cisplatin now exceeds demand, ending the national shortage for the important cancer drug. Since the shortage was announced on February 10, 2023, the FDA has taken steps to tackle cancer drug supply issues, including:

  • Working closely with five cancer drug manufacturers to provide assistance and support their efforts to increase manufacturing capacity.
  • Helping another manufacturer who had previously stopped producing an approved cisplatin product reenter the market.
  • Temporarily exercising discretion not to enforce importation requirements with regard to cisplatin to help meet patient needs during the shortage. As with all temporary importation, the product and manufacturing sites were thoroughly evaluated to help protect U.S. patients. That manufacturer has since received FDA approval for cisplatin, bringing the total number of approved manufacturers to seven.  

The FDA says it will continue to work with drug manufacturers and healthcare providers to help restore access to essential cancer treatments and other medicines that are currently in short supply.

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Janette Wider | Editor-in-Chief

Janette Wider is Editor-in-Chief for Healthcare Purchasing News.