Getinge launches superfast indicators to further ensure patient safety

May 28, 2020

Getinge has introduced its Getinge Assured Superfast 20 Biological Indicator, which speeds up the ability of the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) to release loads safely, ensuring that the sterile instruments can be in the right place, at the right time. 

Every sterile reprocessing department must achieve throughput, accuracy and validated credibility to support the hospital processes and ensure patient safety. With the new Getinge Assured Superfast 20 Biological Indicators, accurate and consistent results allow the CSSD staff to proceed with confidence in the shortest possible time frame. 

“Patient safety starts in the CSSD, as it is crucial for any hospital that sterile instruments are received by the end user in a safe and timeous manner. With our new indicators, it takes only 20 minutes to ensure a crucial element of patient safety in steam and hydrogen peroxide processes. The fast, clear and accurate results prove that the correct process parameters for the in-activation of microorganisms were present in the sterilizer chamber,” says Cindy Graham, Senior Director Consumables at Getinge. 

The speed of incubation allows sterile reprocessing departments to increase hospital workflows, improve productivity and assure the supply of sterilized instruments. The Getinge Assured Express Incubator has eight wells that can be used to process indicators for both steam and hydrogen peroxide processes at the same time. It has a QR code scanner that helps minimize errors in the incubation setup, and a convenient connection port at the back keeping wires out of the way. The touch screen indicates the status of each incubation well and visual alarms signal if an error should occur. There is also a cover to protect the incubation wells from dust and debris when the incubator is not in use. 

The new Superfast 20 indicators are compatible with most brands of steam and hydrogen peroxide processes sterilizers and comply with ISO 11138. They are available globally with the exception of North America and pending local registration and certification requirements. 

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