RST Automation announces the launch of AIM Peel Pack efficient instrument packing system

Oct. 3, 2019

RST Automation announced the launch of its Assisted Instrument Management (AIM) Peel Pack system. The system is designed to improve instrument packaging production methods in hospital sterile processing environments.

AIM Peel Pack utilizes RST’s proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence to provide a high level of accuracy and efficiency for packaging surgical instruments in peel pouches for sterilization. It is designed to automate the accurate identification, packaging and labelling of individual pouches of sterile instruments.

Peel Pack is one of three patented products in RST’s AIM product lineup which also includes AIM Tray Assembly and AIM Storage. AIM Peel Pack reduces the time needed to create, seal, and label an instrument pouch for sterilization by more than 50% when compared to current methods.

The system is designed to handle single and double pouched items. AIM Peel Pack is easy to learn, simple to operate, and greatly reduces packaging material waste. It is of great assistance to the technician through the full packaging process by automatically identifying the instruments and providing the correct packaging materials and labels.