RoddyMedical announces new medical device securement technology

June 7, 2022

RoddyMedical announced the introduction of the SecureMove-TLC, a new medical line securement technology.

The patent-pending, tension mitigation device is designed to eliminate hazardous pulling and line/cord dislodgement during therapy, transport, and patient movement. The announcement was made at NTI, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) annual meeting in Houston, TX, and in a press release.

The SecureMove is a wearable, single-use medical device designed to secure and manage multiple types of medical tubes, lines, and cords to support patient therapy efficiency and improve IV medication safety. The SecureMove-TLC, enhances patient comfort, while promoting efficiency and time savings for staff.

Designed by a nurse based on her own clinical experience in an ICU, the SecureMove-TLC is an FDA registered medical device designed to secure patient lines for movement, transport, patient therapy efficiency from admission to discharge. Each SecureMove-TLC is tested to mitigate over 80+ pounds of pull force.

“Therapy begins just hours after an open-heart surgery, but is often inhibited by the number of tubes, lines, and cords attached to a patient in the ICU,” said Lindsey Roddy RN, PhD(c), CEO and Founder of RoddyMedical. “You have to get the patients up and moving after surgery, and this is hard. Patients in an acute care setting can often have 5 to 15 lines. Currently nurses are creating solutions with tape and other items that are not effective at preventing line pulling and dislodgements.” Roddy further adds, “Getting patients up and moving during their hospital stay leads to earlier discharge, fewer hospital acquired conditions, fewer readmissions, significant hospital savings, up to $3.7M a year, per Johns Hopkins research.”

Recent studies have found that:

  • 19M lines are pulled out from acute care patients every year.
  • Healthcare facilities spend an additional $266M each year replacing vascular access devices as a result of compromised lines and dislodgements. 
  • Healthcare workers spend 64% of their time untangling and organizing lines when providing early mobility and therapy in the ICU.

“As an Occupational Therapist in the acute care hospital setting, keeping lines secure and organized during self-cares and mobility can be very challenging. This product allows me to be a more efficient and effective therapist, while also providing safety and peace of mind for my patients.” said Kristin Ristow, OTR. “The SecureMove-TLC is truly one of the most innovative, practical, and useful products I have ever used in my 10 years as a healthcare worker.”


  • Secures and organizes up to 8 tubes, lines, and cords of varying sizes. If more lines are required, a second SecureMove can be added.
  • Withstands 80+ pounds of pull force (central venous catheters can pull out with as little as 4-9 pounds of pull force).
  • Is a flexible, skin biocompatible, adhesive-free, armband design made with all USP Class VI, medical grade materials.
  • Can be worn for up to 30 days.
  • Accommodates multiple transducers for optimal hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Transfers easily from the patients arm to an IV pole.

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