Remote Patient Monitoring

Sept. 22, 2022

If there were any doubts about the vital and growing role of telehealth in our lives, living through the pandemic certainly erased them all. Just like everything else in 2022, healthcare has gone virtual. Here are some interesting statistics concerning telehealth and remote patient monitoring:

52% of consumers indicated they would use a connected health device if it was recommended by a physician when asked in 2019, well before the pandemic.

In 2020, 23.4 million U.S. patients utilized remote patient monitoring services; by 2024, that number is projected to reach 30 million.

In the last 12 months 88% of patients surveyed stated that they had healthcare performed remotely.

80% of Americans, according to a June 2021 MSI International survey, are in favor of using remote patient monitoring, and nearly one-half are very favorable towards incorporating it into medical care.

Patient satisfaction scores over 90% were achieved when University of Pittsburgh Medical Center equipped patients with remote patient monitoring equipment and tablets.

About 25% of consumers stated they would switch to a new physician to access telehealth.