BD launches BD Intevia 1mL two-step disposable autoinjector device

Oct. 23, 2019

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) announced the launch of the BD Intevia 1mL two-step disposable autoinjector, a robust platform device combining autoinjector and pre-fillable syringe in one integrated system. The announcement was made at the Parental Drug Association’s 2019 Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices conference being held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

BD Intevia disposable autoinjector is a 2-step push-on-skin device that is designed to effectively and safely inject a variety of drugs of different viscosities up to 35cP and different fill volumes up to 1mL. The design of the device enables the pharmaceutical industry to adopt it for a variety of drugs without customizing the system components. Optimizing combination products can help avoid problems related to poorly integrated systems – such as breakage and incompatibility – that can occur when components are purchased from multiple suppliers. This in turn can support costs efficiency and improve time to market.

BD Intevia 1mL disposable autoinjector rigorous patient-friendly design and control point feature enables simple two-step, push-on-skin activation allowing injection control by the patient (1,2). It is equipped with feedback indicators that visually show patients when the correct dose has been delivered and simultaneously triggers an audible click, providing the patient with an enhanced experience. These two considerations may enable patient treatment adherence.

In delivering a patient-centric solution, nine BD Intevia 1mL disposable autoinjectors studies were conducted on a range of user population were evaluated. These focused on the device/user interface to identify and to eliminate or reduce the risk of use errors. The latest validation study concluded that most participants are willing to use or switch to BD Intevia 1mL disposable autoinjector. Study participants gave high ratings for key product attributes such as overall acceptance and confidence to control start of injection.

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