Owen Mumford introduces new line of safety blood collection devices

July 28, 2023

Venous blood collection is an essential procedure used in various medical settings from hospitals and clinics to diagnostic laboratories. Owen Mumford has been pioneering the advancement of medical technology for over 70 years and remains a global medical device innovator. Through the design, development, and manufacturing of Owen Mumford’s capillary blood sampling devices, they have built upon their experience to introduce a line of venous blood collection products.

Unistik Blood Collection devices are offered in a broad range of safety winged sets and blood collection needles. The devices are designed to offer healthcare professionals:

  • Intuitive Use: Unistik Venous Blood Collection devices feature a straightforward design making them easy for healthcare professionals to use.
  • Familiar Technique: Our devices rely on tried-and-tested blood collection techniques which healthcare professionals know.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Unistik Venous Blood Collection devices are a cost-effective solution which will are designed to not compromise quality or safety.

“We are excited to introduce the Unistik Venous Blood Collection portfolio,” said Travis Shaw, Executive Vice President, Owen Mumford USA, Inc. “This latest introduction complements our capillary blood portfolio and enables us to offer a range of specimen collection products that include finger and heel capillary blood sampling, urine collection and now venous blood collection.”

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