Carestream making great strides in long-length digital imaging

Dec. 20, 2022

Carestream Health has announced new innovations in its long-length imaging DR detector that are aimed at improving patient comfort, productivity and efficiency.

The CARESTREAM DRX-LC Detector (Pending FDA 510(k) clearance) captures long-bone and spine images with a single exposure, making it ideal for pediatric imaging and long-bone and spine images of people with limited mobility. In contrast, the traditional multi-shot approach requires three to five exposures followed by manipulation and stitching of the images.

There are several key advancements in this next-generation long-length detector. The first is compatibility with digital radiography (DR) mobile systems and mobile retrofits, in addition to X-ray rooms and room retrofits. The mobility of the system and its X-Factor capability allows facilities to use the same detector across multiple DRX systems for all phases of surgical treatment, from pre-planning imaging in the radiology department to capturing images during the procedure in the OR to confirm placement, and for post-operative assessment.  

The versatile detector can be wireless or tethered. The wireless option eliminates trip hazards in the OR and minimizes the risk of contamination. The DRX-LC Detector has a Cesium (CsI) scintillator for better dose efficiency.

“Hospitals and clinics are looking for a better way to conduct long-length imaging exams that allow for lower dose, quicker exams, and fewer repeats. The DRX-LC helps to minimize patient discomfort as the hold time is drastically reduced,” said Jill Hamman, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Global X-ray Solutions, at Carestream. “Its single shot ability also lowers radiation dose and the number of retakes due to patient movement. Further, an increase in image quality and precision provides a higher level of diagnostic confidence when planning treatment.”

The DRX-LC Detector uses ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, the engine behind the company’s cutting-edge software platform that uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to amplify the value of the entire imaging chain.

The DRX-LC Detector meets the needs of a variety of facilities—from those that conduct several long-length exams to sites that see a high volume of patients.

“Single-shot long-length imaging delivers tangible improvements in patient comfort and workflow efficiency,” Ms. Hamman said. “The new wireless design, expanded system compatibility and mobile capacity of the DRX-LC Detector lets facilities expand their use of the system, maximizing their investment and bringing the benefits to more users.”

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