MEDICA 2023 + COMPAMED 2023: Where healthcare is going

Aug. 31, 2023

The medical technology market is on the move worldwide. MEDICA 2023 and COMPAMED 2023 announced it is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany (November 13 – 16, 2023). Prices for energy, raw materials, services, and many goods are increasing. At the same time, healthcare budgets, especially in the publicly financed health sectors of many countries, continue to be strongly limited. And yet, in some cases, striking leaps in technology, such as in the field of artificial intelligence, make investments in new procedures seem worthwhile.

“In the face of these limiting conditions, business relations are being reconsidered and renegotiated. Therefore, it is important for everyone with something to say or to decide in the health business sector to keep up to date. MEDICA and COMPAMED will once again offer the best options for professional dialogue, good business, and increased networking,” said Christian Grosser, director Health & Medical Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf.

In mid-November, more than 5,000 exhibiting companies (including 700 at COMPAMED) will showcase the entire value chain of medical and medical technological products with their innovations—including all steps from product development, manufacturing and after sales services.

From increased out-patient treatment to AI and sustainability

Visitors from all segments of the healthcare sector will have many topics to talk about, based on the defining trends which currently characterize the market and its dynamics. One example is the increasing “out-patientization” of care—the focus on products and services for the so-called “point-of-care,” i.e., for patient-oriented diagnostics and treatment, but also on telemedical applications for optimal, cross-sector networking among all people involved in the care process. Also trending right now are solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supporting systems. For example, robotic systems or VR/AR applications (“Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality”). The implementation of sustainable processes is a goal that by now has become one of the highest priorities in companies and institutions across all sectors of industry—including the healthcare sector. This involves taking a holistic view of doing business to maintain competitiveness over the long term, without negative social and environmental impacts. All elements of the supply and value chain are examined more closely with regard to potential for optimization.

“True to their leading theme ‘Where healthcare is going’, MEDICA and COMPAMED will incorporate these market-dominating developments and provide thematically appropriate points of focus in their programs and in the many presentations by our exhibiting customers. The numerous specialist forums and accompanying conferences during the trade fair and the digital talk format MEDICA DEEP DIVE before the start of the trade fair will make a valuable contribution to this,” stated Grosser.

Five worlds of experience and a fascinating live program

The focal points of the MEDICA trade fair are set by its five worlds of experience. These will cover the enormous range of more than 10,000 company innovations concerning: Laboratory technology and diagnostics, medical technology and electromedicine, commodities and consumables, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, as well as IT systems and IT solutions.

The forums integrated into the experience worlds will offer a varied stage program with an agenda mix of short lectures, discussions, pitches and best practices on product applications as a supplement to the trade fair exhibits. These will include the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM (digital networking, including the MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION and the Healthcare Innovation World Cup), the MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM (IT issues), the MEDICA TECH FORUM (medical technology trends) or the MEDICA LABMED FORUM (innovations in laboratory medicine.)

Further highlights of the MEDICA 2023 program will include the 46th German Hospital Day (Congress Center South) for the top management of German hospitals, and the conferences DiMiMED and MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE (held in English - both also at Congress Center South). These conferences will bring together experts in the fields of military and disaster medicine, sports medicine and science at the venue in Düsseldorf.

Supplier area in “high-performance mode”

COMPAMED 2023 trade fair will be held in Halls 8a and 8b. The exhibitors will present a wealth of high-tech and service solutions in the five worlds of experience: Manufacturing & Devices (e.g., components, parts, manufacturing processes), Services & Advice (e.g., research, development, services), Materials (e.g., plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, composite materials, adhesives, packaging), Micro Tech (such as micro components, microfluidics) and IT in Tech (software development and maintenance for medical technology).

In their program sessions, the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM by IVAM and the COMPAMED SUPPLIERS FORUM will follow important industry and technological trends and offer practical information concerning new procedures, products and relevant aspects of work on international markets. The future handling of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) will likely be one of the most hotly debated topics—the topic will also be discussed at the MEDICA TECH FORUM. This is because a possible restriction or even a ban on the use of PFASs at EU level would have a considerable impact on the development, production and application of medical technology products. PFAS are used, for example, in coatings or components for electrical surgery.

In 2022, MEDICA and the COMPAMED recorded a total of 81,000 visitors. (2021: 46,000) with an international share of 75%.

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