CureVac Pairs With University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to Develop Cancer Vaccines

April 17, 2024
CureVac, a company working with mRNA technology, will collaborate with the university to develop vaccines and arrange clinical trials for them.

CureVac, a global biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of medicines based on mRNA, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, have announced that they will be co-developing novel mRNA-based cancer vaccines.

Specifically, the collaboration will “focus on the development of differentiated cancer vaccine candidates in selected hematological and solid tumor indications with high unmet medical need.” The two entities will work to identify “differentiated cancer antigens based on whole genome sequencing, combined with long- and short-read RNA sequencing and…bioinformatics.”

After the most promising vaccine candidates are selected, MD Anderson “will be responsible for conducting initial Phase 1 / 2 studies.”

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