Armstrong announces new ceiling solutions to improve indoor air quality

Oct. 29, 2020

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. announced the 24/7 Defend portfolio of practical, affordable solutions that contribute to healthier, safer spaces – and cleaner air. This includes new AirAssure ceiling systems that self-seal into the ceiling grid to prevent air leaks, and an in-ceiling ultraviolet (UV-C) air purification system. 

The ceiling panels are reported to reduce air leaks, increasing air filtering up to 40 percent. When placed in a standard ceiling grid, AirAssure ceiling panels form a tight seal and reduce airflow leakage up to four times more than panels without AirAssure performance. Reducing air leaks can significantly increase the effectiveness of air ventilation and filtration systems, particularly where ventilation systems may have limited capacity to increase airflow or add fresh air. 

A tighter sealed room allows more air to flow through return air vents where it can be filtered or purified. According to independent testing, the panels allow these ventilation systems to filter up to 40 percent more air. In buildings where the air space above ceilings is shared among multiple rooms and can help reduce the risk of pathogen transfer. 

Retrofitting existing rooms with AirAssure panels is an easy, affordable way to reduce air leakage. According to air testing specialist, Timothy Roaten, President at Eastern Air Balance, a certified firm that tests and adjusts air flows in buildings, “The single largest surface that needs to be sealed is the ceiling. This is vital for schools and senior living facilities as they are being encouraged to create isolation rooms to control the airflow and potential spread of airborne particles.” 

Armstrong is partnering with Medical Illumination International, Inc. (MI), to offer a customized version of MI’s VidaShield UV24 air purification system that integrates with AirAssure panels and other Armstrong ceiling systems. The effectiveness of these new solutions is based on testing, qualifications and studies from MI and its VidaShield UV24 product line. 

The new Armstrong VidaShield UV24 system is uniquely designed to pair an active UV-C air purification system with Armstrong ceiling panels. The drop-in products include shielded ultraviolet light that deactivates pathogens and protects people from any exposure to ultraviolet light. The 2’ X 4’ unobtrusive system draws air into a hidden chamber above the ceiling, exposing air to UV-C light and returns clean air to the room. 

Armstrong VidaShield UV24 systems use patented, scientifically proven UV-C air cleaning technology that continuously cleans and reduces the level of pathogens in a room’s air. Each product can treat a volume of air equivalent to an 8’ x 10’ x 10’ room four times per hour. The system neutralizes 97 percent of infectious pathogens in aerosols on the first pass of air. 

The AirAssure panels and VidaShield UV24 for Armstrong ceilings will be available in early December. 

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