PDI introduces clinical size bleach wipe for smaller surface disinfection

Jan. 29, 2021

PDI announced the launch of its Sani-Cloth Bleach Clinical Size Wipe, a 6” x 5” disinfecting wipe ideal for smaller medical equipment, thereby helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

The Clinical Size Wipe utilizes PDI’s proven Sani-Cloth Bleach formulation, which deactivates 50 different microorganisms including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. PDI has initially prioritized the new product for COVID-19 testing sites. The smaller wipe size and compatibility profile offered by the Sani-Cloth Bleach formulation makes the Clinical Size Wipe an ideal option for disinfecting the devices used for testing.

“The increased demand driven by COVID-19 has resulted in PDI taking a critical look at optimizing all variables of the supply chain while continuing to meet the needs of our customers” said Sean Gallimore, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PDI Healthcare. “The new Sani-Cloth Bleach Clinical Size Wipe provides our powerful bleach formulation in the ideal size for disinfecting smaller medical equipment. By offering a smaller wipe size, we can provide more than double the disinfection applications per canister.”

As the company ramps up production, the Sani-Cloth Bleach Clinical Size Wipe will be available more broadly to healthcare facilities with the full line of Sani-Cloth products, including large and extra-large sizes.

PDI has the release.

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