TOMI disinfectants included on EPA list for emerging viral pathogens

June 3, 2022

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., a global company specializing in disinfection and decontamination utilizing its Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) platform through its SteraMist brand of products, has been included on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) list of “Disinfectants for Emerging Viral Pathogens (EVPs): List Q”, for the use of its BIT solution to help fight the spread of rare or novel viruses such as Monkeypox virus, SARS-CoV-2 and its variants that causes COVID-19. TOMI was notified of EPA’s inclusion on June 2, 2022.

When rare or novel viruses cause outbreaks of disease, there may be few if any disinfectants that have been tested and registered for use against that specific pathogen. To prepare for situations like these, the EPA created the EVP guidance, a voluntary process which allows disinfectant manufacturers to submit data to EPA demonstrating a product’s efficacy against difficult-to-inactivate viruses. In the event of an outbreak that meets certain criteria, EPA triggers the EVP guidance for a specific virus and in doing so, authorizes companies whose products have EVP claims to make statements on their websites, social media, and technical literature about their product’s expected efficacy against the emerging virus. TOMI’s inclusion on the EVP list positions its SteraMist products as effective tools to provide disinfection protection against emerging viruses.

TOMI has a long-standing customer that uses SteraMist within their laboratory to control the monkeypox virus. SteraMist is a disinfectant that utilizes ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology in which a low-percentage hydrogen peroxide passes through a cold plasma arc to deliver a six-log or higher kill on contact. SteraMist has been shown to present no risk of human health or adverse effects on medical or lab equipment.

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