CDC reports uptick in Candida auris cases

July 18, 2019

The number of confirmed and probable cases of the multidrug-resistant fungus Candida auris in the U.S. rose to 716 as of May 31, reflecting an increase of 32, reports the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Research and Policy.

Noting the most recent case-count update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the report indicates the number of affected states remains at 12, with New York (340), Illinois (184), and New Jersey (147) reporting most cases. The CDC has estimated that 30 percent to 60 percent of patients with infections have died.

Other states reporting cases include Florida (20), Massachusetts (8), California (5), Texas (4), Maryland (3), Oklahoma (2), Connecticut (1), Indiana (1), and Virginia (1).

Of the cases reported to the CDC, 30 are probable and 686 have been lab-confirmed. In its previous update, involving cases through April, the CDC reported 684 C auris cases. An additional 1,342 patients have been found to be colonized with C auris, as determined by targeted screening in 10 states with clinical cases.

Since it was identified in 2009 in Japan, C auris has triggered outbreaks in healthcare facilities in 23 countries, and 12 countries have reported single cases. C auris can cause serious invasive infections in immunocompromised patients and has shown resistance to three major antifungal drug classes.