CDC updates clinical considerations for use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

Feb. 12, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new recommendations for preventing, reporting, and managing mRNA COVID-19 vaccine administration errors, reported the CDC. 

The updates include:

  • Clarification on contraindications and precautions. Persons with a known (diagnosed) allergy to PEG, another mRNA vaccine component, or polysorbate, have a contraindication to vaccination. Persons with a reaction to a vaccine or injectable therapy that contains multiple components, one of which is PEG, another mRNA vaccine component or polysorbate, but in whom it is unknown which component elicited the immediate allergic reaction have a precaution to vaccination.
  • Updated information on delayed, local injection-site reactions after the first mRNA vaccine dose. These reactions are neither a contraindication or precaution to the second dose.
  • Updated quarantine recommendations for vaccinated persons. Fully vaccinated persons who meet criteria will no longer be required to quarantine following an exposure to someone with COVID-19. Additional considerations for patients and residents in healthcare settings are provided.
  • Additional information and updated recommendations for testing for TB infection. TB testing can be done before or at the same time as mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, or otherwise delayed for ≥4 weeks after the completion of mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Personnel, medications, and supplies for assessing and managing anaphylaxis: This section has been expanded to indicate that trained personnel qualified to recognize and treat symptoms of anaphylaxis should be available at vaccination locations at all times. The recommendations for medications and supplies have also been updated.
  • Early recognition of anaphylaxis: This section has been updated to provide additional information related to anaphylaxis symptoms.
  • Special populations: This section has been updated with considerations for anaphylaxis management of homebound persons requiring home vaccination services.

CDC has the updates.

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