CVS Health launches nationwide virtual primary care solution

Aug. 12, 2021

Aetna, a CVS Health company announced Aetna Virtual Primary Care, that reimagines the primary care experience and makes it easier for people to get the health services they need, anytime, anywhere.

With the Aetna Virtual Primary Care benefit, members have access to:

  • A diverse panel of board-certified physicians and coordinated care from a consistent team of specialists based on their health needs
  • A continuous relationship with a virtual care physician beginning from the first 30-45 minute comprehensive primary care visit and extending to every visit thereafter
  • Timely primary care appointments
  • $0 co-pay for virtual primary care visits and select in-person services at MinuteClinic and CVS HealthHUB locations
  • In-depth preventive care with biometric screenings and support for managing chronic health issues all built on a personalized care plan
  • A virtual nurse care team through unlimited in-app text or phone for pre, during and post-visit support, including navigation to in-person, local providers as well as labs and testing
  • In-person visits with in-network health care providers with no referral requirements
  • Existing Aetna virtual care offerings such as mental health counseling, dermatology services and 24/7 urgent care

This new care experience is powered by Teladoc Health's longitudinal, physician-led care team model, and complemented by the strength of Aetna's provider network and CVS Health services.

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