CleanSpace Technology honors healthcare workers’ role in pandemic preparedness as part of the CDC’s annual respiratory protection

Sept. 9, 2021

This week is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) annual Respiratory Protection Week, September 7-10. In recognition, CleanSpace Technology is honoring healthcare workers’ critical role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID-19, the world is fighting the first-ever respiratory pandemic.

“Healthcare workers have faced far too many challenges, and in some cases - even death - during this pandemic. Across the United States, we have partnered with state, regional and local governments, hospitals and public private partnerships to ensure healthcare workers have the very best defense against infection as they serve our communities,” says CleanSpace Technology CEO Dr. Alex Birrell.

Alyssia Mickem, Safety Supervisor at Parkview Allen County, shares how they have integrated CleanSpace HALO into their hospital. “At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that acquiring adequate amounts of personal protective equipment (PPE) could be a challenge. After doing extensive research, Parkview acquired a number of CleanSpace HALO respirators. These respirators offer a higher level of protection with 99.7% filtration, are lightweight and blow cool air, which helps when caregivers have to wear them for long hours,” said. Mickem.

CleanSpace Technology’s Contribution to Respiratory Protection:

  • NIOSH level protection. CleanSpace HALO is NIOSH-approved and fully compliant with OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard for healthcare workers. In contrast to the N95’s 95% efficacy, the HALO rates at 99.7% efficacy, providing healthcare workers with a boost of confidence.
  • A reliable supply chain. CleanSpace Technology services clients across 36 countries, investing in a reliable, high-performing supply chain and a product with the fewest number of replaceable parts that is less vulnerable to disruption.
  • Innovation. Workplace respirator PPE had not seen any innovation for 30 years. Previously, to protect their staff, hospitals had the limited choice of a paper mask or a complex, bulky and heavy PAPR. CleanSpace respirators are the world’s smallest and lightest powered respirators. The company continues to innovate, developing the world’s first exhalation filter, designed to filter the air exhaled by the wearer and consequently protects those not wearing a respiratory protection system. In addition, the Smart app, delivers rapid fit-check results that gives comfort to the user that the device is properly fitted.
  • Ease of use for healthcare workers. CleanSpace HALO is the world’s first respirator specifically designed for healthcare workers. There are no belts or hoses and can hence be easily integrated into any setting. In this way, the HALO can be used by all essential workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, from nurses, food industry workers, or even EMT drivers whose work requires them to sit.
  • A sustainable approach. A recent study found that the world now consumes 129 billion masks per month or three million per minute. As a reusable product with a lifespan of three-five years, CleanSpace HALO generates far less waste than lower-quality, disposable products. CleanSpace in U.S. Communities.

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