CDC studies support mpox vaccine as safe and effective

Dec. 12, 2022
Studies show vaccinated people have substantially less risk for contracting mpox compared with those who are unvaccinated and identified no major safety concerns after nearly 1 million doses administered.

New data released in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s MMWR provide additional evidence to support that vaccination with the JYNNEOS mpox vaccine is safe and reduces the risk for getting mpox. CDC recommends vaccination for people at risk for getting mpox.

The first report looked at vaccine safety data among children and adults and found no major vaccine safety concerns after nearly 1 million JYNNEOS doses were administered. Common adverse health events reported were consistent with studies before the vaccine was licensed, including injection site redness, swelling, or pain, and dizziness.

The second report found rates of mpox illness in unvaccinated people were 10 times higher compared to those who had received both doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine, and there was no difference between intradermal and subcutaneous routes of administration. 

Read the CDC release.