LogicStream Health’s early warning of drug shortages to help manage coronavirus-related disruptions

March 6, 2020

LogicStream Health is offering early warning of drug shortages to hospitals in the United States free of charge as potential disruptions in the supply of drugs looms due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Hospitals and health systems can sign up for the free service by sending an email to [email protected] and requesting to receive the notifications.

There have been multiple media reports highlighting potential problems the Coronavirus could cause for hospitals, health systems and patients who depend on life-saving medications. With China being the largest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), any issues procuring medications from the country could cause long-term effects.

“A key feature of The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™ is an early warning of potential drug shortages,” said Patrick Yoder, PharmD, CEO, LogicStream Health. “The early warning notifications often provide several days advance notice of upcoming shortages so hospitals can address a potential shortage sooner. As good stewards of this information, we’ve decided to offer this service free of charge to any hospital or health system in the United States during this outbreak. By sharing this information, we hope to do our part to keep our country secure during a trying time.”

The Drug Shortage App evaluates the pharmacy supply chain within hospitals to determine when a shortage is likely to occur. The automated system generates email notifications that are sent to customers alerting them of the situation and the potential shortage. Then, using The App, LogicStream Health customers can automatically assess the situation, determine the providers, departments and locations that are driving demand of the medication, understand current inventory levels and calculate an expected out-of-stock date. The App then creates an action plan to help communications and ensure the best possible care is delivered during a shortage.

LogicStream has the announcement.

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