COVID’s effect on children’s hospitals, vaccination rates featured in Vizient report

Dec. 11, 2020

Vizient, Inc. released a new Pediatric Tech Watch report highlighting the care of pediatric patients in the time of COVID-19.

The report details why children’s hospitals have faced steep declines in revenue despite COVID’s lesser impact on these organizations, provides steps on reassuring parents about the safety and importance of childhood vaccinations during the pandemic and highlights COVID-19 medical device innovations.

Vizient Pediatric Tech Watch offers insights and information on innovative technologies shaping the future of pediatrics. This issue highlights the latest pediatric products and pharmaceuticals; new and emerging technologies; and pricing projections for supplies and products.

Featured articles include:

“Children’s hospitals’ strategic responses to COVID-19:” Though imaging and higher-acuity outpatient procedures in children’s hospitals have recovered since the initial COVID surge, data indicates ongoing lags in inpatient, emergency department and primary care utilization. Children's hospitals will need to anticipate different recovery scenarios as demand for behavioral health services surges and surgical procedures shift to outpatient status.

“The importance of childhood vaccinations during COVID-19:” Data shows that people are avoiding their doctors’ offices for routine care, including children’s checkups and vaccinations, because they are concerned about acquiring the virus there. This article includes several steps primary care providers can take to reassure parents and patients that they can safely receive care in their offices.

“Pediatric device competition highlights COVID-19 innovations:” A recent national competition spotlighted innovative telehealth and home health devices to help pediatric patients during COVID, including a monitoring device to analyze a patient's breathing sample and display critical respiratory parameters and a phenotype-based test system that helps rapidly select an effective antibiotic regiment.

Vizient’s Pediatric Tech Watch is published twice a year.

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