Premier Inc. addresses Biden Administration on expediting COVID-19 vaccinations in US

Jan. 14, 2021

Premier Inc. released a letter to the Biden Administration with its recommendations on how to overcome challenges with vaccine hesitancy, clinical staffing limitations, distribution, supply shortages and communication gaps.

They stated:

As a national convener of hospital and non-acute vaccination sites across the nation, the Premier healthcare alliance recognized early on that a mass vaccination effort would be the biggest logistical challenge of the pandemic. Now a month in, it’s clear that despite tireless efforts on the part of our frontline caregivers, swift intervention from the federal government is needed to speed the administration of vaccines in order to reduce the national infection rate, save lives and alleviate the systemic strain new cases and viral mutations place on the healthcare system.

Working with our provider members to understand the evolving on-the-ground realities, Premier has identified five systemic issues limiting the vaccine rollout that need immediate remediation. Premier is recommending a series of actions that the incoming Biden Administration can immediately take to overcome these obstacles and streamline and expedite the vaccination process throughout the country.

The full letter is at:

Premier Inc. has the announcement.

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