Uber offers 10 million rides for vaccinations with Walgreens partnership

May 3, 2021

Starting last week nationwide, with just the tap of a button, individuals can reserve a COVID-19 vaccine as well as their ride there through the Uber app, announced the company. 

According to experts, the best thing people can do to stay healthy and help end the pandemic is get vaccinated. By making it easier to get to and from their appointments, more people will get vaccinated.

This new partnership builds on Uber’s work to expand access to the vaccine. The company has committed 10 million free or discounted rides to help underserved and communities of color get to and from their appointments. And they’ve launched the Vaccine Access Fund alongside Walgreens, PayPal and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to allow anyone to donate additional free rides to those in need. They have raised more than $380,000 on top of initial contributions from the partner companies.

Uber has the release.

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