Premier responds to Executive Order making general use respirators available

March 12, 2020

Premier remarks that the new Executive Order to increase the availability of general use respirators for healthcare staff is unprecedented.

We as a nation have not seen something of this magnitude since WWII. The Executive Order creates opportunity for the United States to increase domestic manufacturing quickly to protect the public in light of the global pandemic. Already, Premier has been working with domestic manufacturers to expand production capacity for respirators, such as N95 masks. In addition, we have also been in discussions with non-healthcare, ancillary manufacturers to convert their facilities and accommodate the increased demand. The Executive Order will help expedite our nation’s ability to pursue alternatives and augment U.S. supply.

In order to truly operationalize the Executive Order, coordination and collaboration between private sector and the government is critical to ensuring a streamlined regulatory approval process and efficient supply chain so these products are made available expeditiously. Premier looks forward to working with the Administration in implementing the Executive Order.

Premier has the statement.

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