Jump Technologies offers new Allocated Inventory Solution free of charge to hospitals for tracking COVID-19 supplies

March 19, 2020

To help hospitals ensure healthcare providers have the proper equipment to safely perform their jobs and treat the high volume of patients with COVID-19 symptoms, Jump Technologies announced it will offer its new Allocated Inventory Solution at no cost to help hospitals take control of their inventory during this global health crisis.

“At times like this, it’s vitally important for hospitals to have a clear picture of allocated and sequestered inventory so they understand the resources available to them and whether they are at risk of running out of essential supplies before their next shipment,” said John Freund, CEO of Jump Technologies. “Because we understand the challenges this pandemic creates for hospital supply chain, we are waiving our fees to ensure as many hospitals as possible have access to tools that will give them insight into high-demand supplies that are essential to treating patients.”

According to Freund, the Jump Technologies’ solution runs in the cloud and does not require any special hardware, so it can be set up quickly and with no disruption to hospital operations. Supply chain staff can be up to speed on using the system with just a 30-minute training session. Key elements of the Allocated Inventory Solution include:

From a single screen, hospitals can easily see where existing supplies are located (in hospital storage or in a warehouse); track consumption by department, clinic, or user; and forecast potential stockouts. The new solution does not require integration into the hospital ERP or EMR and does not require access to sensitive data such as patient information or pricing. Because it is a cloud-based solution, it is safe, simple, and secure for hospitals.

Hospitals and health systems can access the Jump Technologies Allocated Inventory Solution by filling out a form at www.jumptech.com/covid19. A representative from Jump Technologies will contact the hospital to discuss setup options, configure the account and upload data.

Jump Technologies has the announcement.

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