Seal Shield offers solution for disinfecting masks

April 1, 2020

The Seal Shield ElectroClave is a UV disinfection box that is typically used to disinfect and manage mobile devices and used by many hospitals as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their BSL-4 labs, according to a post on the company blog. While it wasn’t the original intention, the product can also disinfect N95 masks during this time of crisis and international shortage.

The Seal Shield engineering team has been testing the ElectroClave as a possible solution and have determined that the surface level of the masks will achieve a 3-log reduction of pathogens. By allowing for much further usage and sharing of the masks, we can help protect our healthcare workers, the great men and women on the frontlines of this war against COVID-19.

The ElectroClave is not only an effective disinfection tool, but it also comes with software that by using RFID tags, can track the masks in an organization and send text-reminders when they are next due for a disinfection cycle. It can keep track of which masks are being disinfected and which are not. Not only is this a quick fix to an urgent matter, it is also a comprehensive solution that can manage the N95 masks in an organization.

Seal Shield has the post.

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