ProTEC-USA launches new line of US-made medical gowns as PPE demand rises

Oct. 29, 2020

As the need for high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) continues for essential frontline heroes and business professionals from a range of industries, Cadillac Products, Inc. (CPI) announced the launch of ProTEC-USA and immediate availability of its medical-grade EZDoff gowns. 

The gowns are designed to maintain comfort, flexibility and safety, while also conforming with AAMI PB70 Barrier Level 1, 2 and 3 standards, withstanding water spray and water penetration under constant contact with increasing pressure. 

The manner in which the gowns are donned and doffed in sequence with other PPE is an important consideration when selecting optimal PPE coveralls, as the ease or difficulty with which PPE is put on and removed. EZDoff gowns are engineered to maintain effectiveness and mitigate potential self-contamination during doffing of contaminated PPE. In essence, the wearer doesn’t have to touch the outer surface of the EZDoff gown to remove it, thereby, protecting against consequential contamination by the wearer. 

“Our team recognized the dire needs for reliable, American-made PPE that brave frontline and essential workers had in the early stages of the pandemic and made it a mission to pull together to voluntarily engineer and distribute gowns to properly protect them,” said Don Lowe, Spokesperson at CPI. 

ProTEC-USA which provides medical professionals and supply chain distribution networks with domestic-based, fully certified EZDoff protective medical gowns, are made entirely in the USA. EZDoff is 100 percent USA-made, from the raw materials to final production. 

In addition to being an approved supplier to several United States governmental agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, ProTEC-USA was recently awarded a grant from Oakland County for the “Saving Business, Saving Lives” program. 

The company has invested in upgrades and enhancements to production lines and equipment at its Troy, MI facility, where production levels allow the company to manufacture and distribute more than 92,000 EZDoff gowns per week with the ability to add capacity as needed to meet market needs. 

“The advantage of American manufacturing is the ability to understand the market, pivot to make changes quickly, and continually meet the needs of customers as a reliable, domestic-based resource to onshore their supply chain,” said Lowe. 

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