New FDA-cleared microbicidal liquid kills deadly, drug-resistant Candida auris superbug on contact

July 12, 2019

Scientists have identified a new ally in the battle against the deadly outbreak of the superbug Candida auris, currently found in more than 20 countries and likely spreading, announced Prevent-Plus. An independent laboratory study shows that the company’s new product, DuraDerm, an FDA-cleared microbicidal liquid polymer, kills 99.99 percent of the C. auris fungus on contact.

The triple-action liquid product, which eliminates drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi, can now be used to prevent the spread of the superbug plaguing healthcare facilities across the world. It is the only known FDA-cleared product shown to reliably kill C. auris in a lab.

Grady Wertman, Study Director/Supervisor of Laboratory Personnel at BioScience Laboratories, which performed the in-vitro testing of DuraDerm's effect on C. auris said in the statement, "When testing for DuraDerm's microbiocidal properties, when applied to C. auris, DuraDerm eliminated 99.99 percent of the fungus within 30 seconds."

According to the Center for Disease Control, C. auris presents a serious global health threat because the fungus is often multi-drug resistant, difficult to identify with standard lab tests, and has caused recent outbreaks in healthcare settings – including more than 650 cases in the U.S. alone. Further, more than one-third of patients who develop invasive C. auris infection die within a few months of exposure, making it imperative to identify a preventative agent.

When applied to a clean, dry wound, DuraDerm kills all organisms – bacteria, viruses and fungi – on contact. As it dries, its patented polymer creates an elastomeric film that seals over the wound, protecting against water, germs and dirt. The lowered pH of the sealed wound creates an environment that promotes wound healing. No other known cidal agent protects against superbugs while also protecting wounds and promoting healing, said the manufacturer.

"This Candida auris superbug has left an unchecked trail of destruction – but we know that DuraDerm can help to stop it," said Jeff Elbl, Pharm.D., Chief Technology Officer at Prevent-Plus, DuraDerm's manufacturer,” in the release. "It may be the key to winning the battle against this terrible, worldwide outbreak by preventing it from entry into the tissues or bloodstream of compromised patients."

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