Pathogen removal for laundry guidance

April 17, 2020

With cases of coronavirus overwhelming many hospitals and nursing facilities, and healthcare associated infections (HAIs) being a year-round issue, it’s important for both on-premise and industrial laundry programs to follow standard procedures to ensure linens are properly sanitized.

“The coronavirus crisis brings many cleaning requirements to the forefront, including those for linen,” said John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “During and after this pandemic, it will be important for facilities to understand laundry best practices to limit the spread of pathogens from linens to hospital patients and workers, and to elderly individuals in long-term care facilities.”

A new white paper, “Keeping Healthcare Linen Clean,” from Hydro Systems highlights the impact that the coronavirus pandemic and HAIs have on the healthcare system and those it serves and discusses how linens can be carriers for pathogens and provides details around important laundry process factors like wash temperature, chemical concentration and proper handling of both contaminated and clean linens. It also offers insight into how chemical dispensers support on-premise and industrial laundry programs, and recommended features of these systems.

Hydro Systems has the white paper.

Hydro Systems has the announcement.

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