Cleaning Guide for Keyboards and Mice launched to protect workplace-shared equipment

Oct. 14, 2020

WetKeys Washable Keyboards announced the release of its popular Cleaning Guide for Keyboards and Mice to help reduce the spread of Flu and COVID-19 in the workplace. 

After six months of employees working from home due to the pandemic, companies are considering long-term plans for bringing employees back into the office safely. Companies have the flexibility on setting their date for a progressive return to the office and should use the time to address all the necessary measures. 

Washable keyboards and mice from WetKeys and SaniType create clean collaborative workstations across all industries to increase productivity and safety. With a traditional-looking, durable and reliable model like the KBWKABS104-BK, your employees will be better equipped to safely share ideas and move your business forward. As offices reopen and begin to create safe collaborative spaces for innovation, keyboards that can be reliably sanitized without damaging the internal electronics, like the KBWKABS104-BK, are going to be crucial. 

WetKeys and SaniType also offer a companion waterproof mouse that seamlessly replaces non washable versions and pairs well with the waterproof KBWKABS104-BK. Both can be fully saturated with cleaning solutions or washed with soap and water in the sink while washing hands. The WetKeys, OMWK0C03-BK, and the SaniType, OMST0C03-W, are fully sealed silicone mice with touchpad scrolls. The fully sealed membrane and touchpad scroll provides a single, seamless surface that is easily disinfected without any crevices or micro-surfaces that can shelter harmful pathogens. 

The CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease provides a framework, and companies must consider their environments and the risk factors for contracting the coronavirus. Cleaning protocols for shared workstations are just as critical to returning safely as face masks and other social distancing measures. The CDC recommends “providing disposable disinfecting wipes so that employees can wipe down commonly used surfaces (e.g, doorknobs, keyboards . . .).” 

Conference rooms designed for collaborative presentations with a shared keyboard and mouse must be regularly cleaned between uses. This presents the issue of finding reliable equipment that can facilitate company productivity but withstand the necessary CDC cleaning guidelines for the employee’s safety. 

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