CDC Confirms Second Human Case of Avian Influenza in Michigan

May 31, 2024
The patient, a dairy farm worker, is receiving antiviral treatment and isolating at home. The risk to the general public remains low, but the CDC warns that additional human cases in people with higher risk exposures would not be surprising.

CDC has confirmed a second human case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5) in Michigan, bringing the U.S. total to three.

As with the other two cases (the third of which was reported in Texas), the patient is a “dairy farm worker with exposure to infected cows, making this another instance of probable cow-to-person spread.” The patient is reporting acute respiratory illness-related symptoms associated with influenza virus infection. Additionally, CDC reports no indications of unusual influenza activity in people in Michigan or Texas.

The relevant exposure in this case was to infected animals. The risk to the general public who does not come in contact with infected animals “remains low.”

The patient in this case was given “antiviral treatment with oseltamivir, is isolating at home,” and is seeing their symptoms resolve. Household contacts of the patient have not developed symptoms and “are being monitored for illness.” There is “no indication for person-to-person spread” at this time. The CDC also emphasizes that “given the extent of the spread of the virus in dairy cows, additional human cases in people with higher risk exposures would not be surprising.”

HPN has continued to provide reporting on the avian flu outbreak in the U.S.

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