Contagious Surfaces - Sorting Facts from Fiction

March 16, 2021

We understand. You keep hearing conflicting guidance about surfaces. Can I get sick from touching my home delivery boxes?  What about a shopping cart?  Or my patient’s bed rail?  Some surfaces pose a greater risk of harboring pathogens than others and sometimes it’s tough to sort the facts from fiction. 

Peer reviewed studies have shown that high-touch surfaces are not being sufficiently disinfected, leaving harmful pathogens behind. The task is too much to tackle using traditional, manual cleaning methods. As a result, more and more healthcare facilities are turning to UV no-touch disinfection devices. Xenex offers environmental disinfection expertise and products that easily integrate into cleaning processes. Our product line includes our LightStrike™ Robots for room disinfection, as well as our Deactivate™ handheld disinfection device. It is perfect for tough to disinfect small spaces such as an ED bay, public restrooms, workstation on wheels, and nurses stations to name a few. 

Our presentation will focus on recent research covering pathogen transmission risk from surfaces, and how UV disinfection can be used to enhance environmental cleaning.