Survey reveals continued gaps in healthcare provider responsiveness to patient feedback

Aug. 6, 2019
Online patient reviews are the most relied-upon source for patients seeking care, but less than half of providers know how to manage online reputation.

PatientPop, a provider in practice growth technology, announced in July its 2019 healthcare providers survey report on online reputation management. The nationwide survey of medical and dental professionals highlights the evolving challenges, practices, and opportunities surrounding reputation management, including oversight of patient feedback and online reviews.

Although patient reviews are now the most relied-upon online source for patients seeking care, based on PatientPop research from earlier in 2019, nearly one in five practices don’t respond to negative patient feedback at all. The study also reveals 76 percent of providers express concern over patients sharing negative feedback, but less than half (44.5 percent) regularly check online reviews of their practice.

As the rapid consumerization of healthcare continues, said PatientPop, online reputation management is now a critical component of the business of medicine. The report shows more providers recognize that fact: Although 47 percent of providers aren’t sure what it takes to manage their online reputation, there’s a 17.5 percent increase in the providers who understand online reputation is critical to their business, compared to the inaugural 2018 healthcare providers survey report.

“With the 2019 report, we see more healthcare providers focused on the provider and patient connection, the core of a strong online reputation. But our data also show that even with that improvement, too few providers prioritize patient feedback and online reputation, an oversight that will hinder practice growth,” says Luke Kervin, PatientPop Co-founder and Co-CEO, in the statement.

The report addresses several additional aspects of online reputation management. Key findings include:

·  Approximately half of all providers do not have a process in place to monitor online reviews or feedback from patients

· 33.7 percent of providers do not request feedback from patients

· 17.6 percent of providers choose not to respond to negative feedback online

· 52.4 percent of providers who don’t respond to patient feedback don’t think it will make a difference