ELLKAY and Higi announce interoperability partnership to enable patients greater access to their own data

July 22, 2021

ELLKAY LLC, a healthcare interoperability company, has partnered with Higi, a consumer health engagement company, to support their platform, facilitating integration between Higi and their healthcare partners.

Higi was looking for a partner that could intelligently and securely move consumer health data at scale. They partnered with ELLKAY, an experienced data management partner, to enable seamless workflow integration for customers, helping to ensure shared health data becomes actionable for the consumer and the healthcare stakeholder. 

ELLKAY is known for end-to-end connectivity, providing interoperability for digital health vendors to hundreds of sources for patient intake and population health management. This connectivity assists in moving data through Higi's consumer-centric ecosystem as the back-end to facilitate the movement of consumer health data into health systems and health plan's systems. Higi's systems were built on the belief that consumers' health information is their own, the consumer should choose who can access and act on that data, and that when the consumer chooses to share it, the process should be simple and secure. 

Higi's partners, such as providers and health plans, must receive collected data in an actionable format so it can be consumable at scale from the start. Higi chose to work with ELLKAY, who is best-in-class, to provide this functionality and because of ELLKAY's ability to tackle and solve complex projects. ELLKAY's interoperability experts tailor solutions to digital health vendors providing back-end connectivity so their internal developers can focus their resources on the core business of improving patient care. 

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