Vizient offers findings on patients and families as educators in healthcare

Sept. 21, 2021

Vizient, Inc. announced the results of a survey that measured the prevalence of patients and families as educators in hospitals and academic medical centers.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care, reveals areas of opportunity for healthcare organizations to develop sustainable and meaningful educational involvement of patients and families as a means to improve outcomes in quality and patient experiences of care.

The survey found that 54% of respondents had involved patients and families when educating staff, clinicians and organizational leaders. When it comes to the education of students and trainees such as medical and nursing students, residents, allied health students, 41% of academic medical center respondents had involved patients and families. Healthcare organizations with longer and deeper experience working with patient and family advisors (PFAs) were more likely to partner with them in educational programming, and top performers provide support for their involvement including training, evaluations and reimbursement for expenses.

Survey data was collected in October and November of 2020 from 67 respondents who were grouped into academic medical centers and non-academic medical centers including teaching hospitals, community-based hospitals and specialty hospitals. The survey’s findings raise awareness of opportunities for PFAs to support educational activities that facilitate collaborative communication, coordination within teams and across disciplines and authentic partnerships with patients and families.

PFAs are patients and family members who have received care at healthcare organizations and who partner with the organizations to improve health care quality, safety and the patient experience. By engaging PFAs, providers can effectively integrate patient and family feedback into strategic planning aimed at the safety of healthcare service.

Vizient has the full report