New care kit irrigates and cleanses complex wounds

Oct. 19, 2021

Bionix has announced their new AlphaCleanse Antimicrobial Wound Care System with NovaGran Hypochlorous Acid. The all-in-one kit is designed to provide healthcare professionals with tools for efficient, effective treatment of chronic wounds.

The kits offer clinical value to the irrigation and cleansing of complex wounds and additional protection for the user and patient, according to a press release from the company.

AlphaCleanse contains the Bionix Igloo Shield and probe applicator, NovaGran Hypochlorous Acid, and an absorbent LiquidLock pad. NovaGran Hypochlorous Acid is a no-rinse, non-cytotoxic, and antibiotic-free solution used to prepare the wound bed for healing. It doesn’t irritate the wound and contains no antibiotics that could produce adverse reactions in the patient, according to the press release.

The solution also offers a 12-second kill rate for various harmful bacteria and viruses while reducing odor and bioburden.

The system includes the Bionix Igloo Shield and Probe Applicator, which gives the user treatment options based on the type and complexity of the wound. The Igloo Shield protects the medical professional and patient from backsplash containing blood-borne pathogens, while the Probe is ideal for treating deep, tunneling wounds. Both applicators provide wound coverage with their patent-pending, higher volume fan spray and consistent pressure profile.

For easy cleanup, Bionix  incorporated the company’s LiquidLock pad, which can absorb the contents of the solution bottle and collect effluent during the procedure.

Bionix release